Fire shutters and smoke curtains are usually used as part of an overall fire strategy in a building used in conjunction with other systems for controlling fire such as sprinklers and smoke extraction systems. All fire protection systems react to fire, heat and smoke in different ways in order to keep the building safe for occupants and emergency services in case of a fire. The role of the Fire shutter or smoke curtain is to compartmentalize a building in order to help prevent the fire from spreading so rapidly allowing anybody inside to evacuate as safely as possible. We have supplied these doors to a diverse range of customers including shopping centres, hospitals, school canteens, restaurants – as well as numerous clients in the industrial sector. We offer a single skin and twin skin insulated fire shutter, depending on your needs and budget, as well as a fire curtain option for increased aesthetics and better protection against smoke.

Feature of Fire rolling shutters:

  • Fire rolling shutter acts as a barrier & prevents the fire spread in case of fire breakout from one area to other. 
  • The door comes down gradually in case of fire automatically after receiving signal from fusible link
  • All steel components of the fire rolling shutters are designed and fixed to provide complete sealing.
  • All components of our shutters are made from High Grade Steel.
  • All the Fire Rolling Shutters are available in a number of different finishes or can be powder coated in customized colors.
  • Electric release and delay timer can be provided as optional accessories to meet specific customer requirements