A roller shutter is a type of sectional security door or window shutter that is made up of a series of horizontal slats, usually made of high quality metal, that are all hinged together. The roller shutter can be raised to reveal the door or window underneath it and lowered for increased protection. Additionally, electric roller shutters include a tubular motor within the rotor, enabling you to automatically raise and lower the shutter via a remote control.

Roller shutters have a wide variety of different uses outside of traditional vandalism and burglary prevention. These types of shutters are traditionally made to withstand a lot of force, for example, which makes them ideal for protection against environmental factors like wind, rain and hail damage. Roller shutters are also commonly used outside of a small business or retail environment and have uses in schools, prisons, warehouses and even on large vehicles like vans.


Manual operation, push-up and pull-down with supplied pull stick. Roller shutters can be electrically motorised and then operated with various remote control or key switch.


Shopping Centres, Shop Fronts, Club and Hotel Bars, Counter Tops, Ware House, Kiosks, Arcades, Serveries and Doorways


Key Features

» Easy and fast installation
» Smooth, Compact, Noiseless & Reliable
   automation systems
» Meets IS, CPWD, DDA, MCD, MES specs.
» Equipted with active rubber bottom safety bar,
   anti-fall safety brakes
» Meets your decor, design & color specification
» Automatic & Manual operated
» Motor protected with internal thermal switch
» Suitable for new and existing shutters


» Galvanize Sheet
» Stainless Steel
» Aluminum
» MS Sheet